L-Series Z33 6Spd Transmission Adapter (03-06 VQ35DE)


L-Series Z33 6Spd Transmission Adapter (03-06 VQ35DE)

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**The product is the still in the developement phase with early adopter kits available in June. If you are interested in one of these kits and providing feedback please contact me via email, only a few are available.  Do not purchase without contacting me beforhand.  Completion of full kits estimated in September (hopefully earlier!)

This kit allows you to bolt on the famed CD00# transmission without out any transmission dissasembly or machining.  These close ratio 6 Speed transmissions have a great feel and a proven track record for holding big power. Use with any 2003-2006 VQ35DE manual transmission, found used or new through the dealership.

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Please review the product development page for information regarding this kit.

The first early adopter kits are in process at the machine shops, I have a batch of 5 being made. 4 will go to those interested in an early testing opportunity and the 5th set I will be using for a local install to develope the transmission mount and driveshaft. I suspect these will be ready mid June but there are a few unknowns with new vendors so Im not putting a firm date out.

These early adopter kits will require some fabrication abilities to install, as no transmission mount is provided.  The shifter will alos be placed further back then stock.  Im hoping to find folks that have running cars ready to do the swap and can provide feedback...

What will be included in these early adopter kits: 
Adapter Plate - CNC Macined Steel, Plated
Alignment Pins - SS, Engine and Trans Side
Pilot Bearing - Bronze extended for adapter offset
Flywheel - Lightweight Steel with required offset to run L series clutch
Shifter Mount - 4.5" further forward (but still 5" back from stock location) 
Required: Trans Mount Fab, Driveshaft Fab, 280zx Geared Alt (w/o Nose)
Cost: 800USD

This cost has almost no markup (buying in small quanitities) and wont be offered in this manner in the future. Turn key kits will have a new 'super short' shifter assembly that moves the shifter to the stock S30 location, and a transmission mount. Current estimate is 1300-1500 w/o driveshaft, this is still an estimate as I havent designed the 'super short' shifter bracket. I was targeting a lower cost but the parts add up especially with a custom flywheel, Im happy with how everything is looking though and it should be a great bolt in solution for those with serious builds.

If you are interested in one of the early adopter kits or just have questions please shoot me an email.