LS2 Install - The Engine

After ZDAYZ in may of 2013 Matt surprised me with a call saying that he had purchased a LS2 drop out from a 2005 GTO complete with the manual transmission, and wiring harness.  This is the 6.0L 400hp version of the LS.  It was sure to be a monster.  

We pulled his old engine out and crated it up for shipment to its new owner in Norway!  The GTO engine arrived shortly after and was in excellent shape.  Unfortunately with other things going on it would be almost a year before any serious work could be completed on the car and it sat in the shop quietly waiting for a transformation.  During this time I relocated to Asheville and re setup my workshop.

Here are a few pictures of the engine

Knowing that I wanted to design and fabricate the mounts if time allowed I started by having the engine assembly and Datsun engine crossmember Laser scanned.  This would allow me to position the engine in my CAD software and explore different designs. Dittberner Engineering out of Denver, NC was used for the scanning work.  They used a Z corp scanner which captures surfaces with amazing accuracy.  We focused on the engine and transmission mounts as well as the exhaust flange patterns, the rest of the engine was scanned for packaging purposes at a lower resolution.