LS Engine Installation

Please check out the product development page to see details on the LS mounting kit design, Im picking up here with pictures of the final engine installation.  

Matt car recieved the first prototype which has a few variations from the production kits.  Designing the mounts was a time intensive process, working through several iterations, and many test fits.  When it came time to install the engine for good it was beautiful to have it drop in like a glove, installation is just as installing the L28, bolts in like factory...except for those huge long tube headers, you have to hold your toungue just right for that!

 I found the best method was to hold the engine a few inches above the crossmember then install the headers one at a time from the bottom, shifting the engine to the side to get the flange through and in place.  After the headers are installing the steering colomn and rack can be slid into place and lossly tightened.  Next lower the engine down and tighten the mounts, adjust the stering column for maximum clearance and snug it up...

The factory transmission mounts needed to be removed and the new transmission crossmeber bolts directly to the floor.  Once in place and held with a floor jack holes can be drilled through the mount.  This is then tied into the chassis with a reinforcement plate inside and a backup plate on the outboard side of the rail.  Drilling these holes is the only modification required for the installation.  The 280z version mounts through the frame ralis instead of the floor board.