I decided to go with an aluminum Griffin Radiator that I sourced from Summit Racing.  They have a wide selections of sizes with different outlet locations.  The only thing I wasn't happy with was the poor welds.  The radiator looks like it was MIG welded and then run back over in areas with a TIG.  A friend purchased a similar unit from Jeg's and the welds on his were of much higher quality, all TIG welded.  For the price though I cant complain, the radiator was right around 200 bucks and has performed flawlessly.   

Since the radiator is universal fit all the mounting tabs and accessories have to be made.  I started off by cutting out mounts from some scrap .06" Aluminum.  When the radiator goes in permanently I will slot the mounting holes and mount it with rubber bushings to allow for flex and expansion.

Next up was the fan shroud which was made from 0.065 aluminum sheet.  I trimmed the shroud to mount a 14" fan and installed riv-nuts for mounting, this would be a great application for nut plates on Rev 2.  I chose to use a Flexilite S-Blade fan.  I have had issues with cheaper electric fans before but this one has proven to be a good value.  SPAL fans are always a top choice for me if there is room in the budget!

Punch flairs were added along to the top for a little style (Thanks to my Buddy Zach for lending me the die! http://www.prismmotorcycleco.com/).  I used a Jeg's radiator overflow bottle, I was happy with the quality and how nice the 'rail' style mount was.  I have the unit plumbed to recirculate, but the tank came with a petcock valve to install as an overflow if desired.

I connected the radiator using aluminum tubing an silicone connectors.  A hump connector prevents issues with the engine vibration and movement.