Suspension Cross Member Modification

The engine was positioned so that I could use the factory intake manifold and throttle body without modifying the firewall of the car.  To do so required the front cross member to be trimmed for oil pan and alternator clearance.  A tubular cross member was explored but it was determined that modifying the factory cross member would be a feasible and easier option.  Trimming the cross member would allow for the steering rack mounting to remain unchanged and once reinforced it proved be adequately strong.

A spare cross member in good condition was used as the starting point.  A plasma cutter was used to trim out roughly an inch from the center section where the oil pan interfered.  After that a pocket was cut for alternator clearance. The factory engine moutns were trimmed off at the same time. 

The cross member fit was double checked and then boxed in to regain some strength.  The center section was boxed in using material that was removed during the trimming. 0.125" plate leftover from the engine mounts was used to box in the alternator pocket.