The Beginning

This project started when I was in high school, which let's just say was several years ago. I picked up a 1971 Datsun 240z from the original owner's widow.  The car had been sitting outside for a while since he had passed away.  I saw the car on a trip across the state sitting in a parking lot and gave it a quick look over.  I later tracked down the owner and bought it over the phone for 1500 dollars delivered to my house... a deal I thought I couldn't pass up.

When I got the car and started pulling it apart, the rust damage was far more extensive then I had imagined, most of it had been covered up by a paint job and undercoating.  With more time than money on my hands, I decided to buy a welder and do a complete tear down and the rebuild began.  Learning everything along the way and doing all the work myself, the car eventually came together.... with A LOT of help from my friends and information from the online community.

I originally built the car with a L28et and went through several iterations of that engine before deciding to take a radically different path and swap in the VQ35. This build picks up at the start of that project.

Thanks for Joining!