Welcome to Hoke Performance, 

I want to thank you for stopping by our little corner of the internet and I hope that you will check back from time to time to see what's new.  My name is Austin Hoke and I started Hoke Performance in the Fall of 2013 as an outlet for my passion for automotive restoration, fabrication, and design.

I grew up in the garage helping my dad tinker with and sell cars.  I still remember seeing my first S30 Z car as a teenager and being struck by it's lines.  Several years later a white 1974 260z became my first car which kicked off my interest in restoration, specifically performance restoration. Fast forward a decade and a lot of sweat, a few tears, and a little blood later I still enjoy working on Datsuns and anything that has wheels.  My latest Z and Hoke Performance project vehicle is a 1971 240z with a 350z engine and and transmission, I invite you to check out the build page as it progresses (indefinitely).  I have my BS in Mechanical Engineering from NCSU, and upon graduation worked as a Design Engineer for Penske Racing, enjoying a National Championship in both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series.   I recently moved to the Asheville, NC area to continue to pursue my career in the automotive industry and to be closer to the beautiful scenery and driving roads of Western NC.  

Hoke Performance is my outlet for design projects and my love for tinkering with cars.  As I grow the company I aim to provide high quality, well engineered components for the performance aftermarket and local fabrication services. While still a side business I aim for 100% satisfaction and will provide the best customer service possible.  My current focus is on vintage Datsuns but is not limited by any brand or badge!  Please check back for updates as we settle in the beautiful NC mountains and grow the business. 

Please don't hesitate to send in an email and share your project.  I love to hear from car enthusiast and people using Hoke Performance products in their projects.


Austin Hoke