Clutch Master Cylinder and Gas Pedal

After tackling the shifter location the rest of the driver controls were next.  

One of the things that always frustrated me with my L28et setup was the clutch.  With different performance clutches I was using it was very difficult to get the feel right.  I experimented with different master cylinders and ultimately to get the throw how I wanted, engagement took a significant amount of force.  Enough to distort the firewall and require MC bracing.  The purpose of installing the VQ was to build a street machine first and a track car second,  I wanted to the clutch to be comfortable but still have a good feel.  Having driven a 350z I knew the clutch had a nice feel so I decided to see if the factory 350z MC could be incorporated.  With a quick mock-up and a few measurement it looked feasible.

The mounting pattern was a bit wider then the 240z master cylinder so I started by trimming the corners of the pedal box and folding the edge down.  To regain some of the strength lost by the removing the flange and to help reinforce the box for stiffer setups down the road I welded 0.125" plate over the area. 

After a little cleanup and drilling for the new MC pattern the finished result is below.

The pushrods and clevis assembly were shorter on the 350z unit compared to that of the 240z.  The clevis was extended using a piece of tubing and a nut so that the pedal height and adjustment were correct.  Its not the most elegant but it works well.

Installation was tight with the larger 280z brake booster, however everything clears.  The lip on the firewall reinforcement had to be trimmed down for the wider bolt pattern of the 350z unit. 

The final installation and plumbing is shown below.  I mounted the 350z reservoir to using a couple rivnuts.   I plumbed the unit directly to the 350z slave without a delay valve.  Overall I am very happy with the results,  the clutch works well and feels great.    

Next was mounting the 350z drive by wire pedal.  Keeping the factory ECU meant that I could use the DBW throttle body and pedal.  The feel is great and it makes for a clean installation.  The pedal was almost a direct replacement!  I made a new mounting plate to match the DBW pedal pattern and welded it to the factory mount.  After fitment I installed a new pedal stop at the bottom as well.