Shifter Relocation

The location of the engine in relation to the driver is much closer in the s30 than in the 350z.  The VQ sat forward in the 350 hanging over the front axle.  To position the shifter in the proper position it is mounted remotely from the transmission on a bracket.

I needed to relocate the shifter so that it was in a comfortable position in the s30.  I was able to move the shifter forward by shortening the linkage and machining a new mount.  As shown in the picture below, the center rod was cutout and the end shackles were welded directly together.  The total change is a little over 4".  The location is still a few inches further rearward then the stock S30 location but for me it felt a little better. 

I had access to a bridgeport and a lathe so I started by making a prototype shifter mount. I designed the mount to use the OEM shifter and retained the reverse lockout feature.  

After testing the prototype I had a few people ask about having a few made so I decided to redraw and improve it to be made on a CNC machine. This version allowed the dust boot to be incorporated as well.

After a few years of production and some feedback from others I decided that a redesign was in order.  The V2 mount was designed and is available in the store.  It was improved through weight reduction, easier installation, additional room for short shifters, and last but not least it looks better!  These are typically in stock so if you can use one for your project let us know.